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Dallas AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit, like anything else with mechanical parts, benefits from regular maintenance. Our technicians at Classic Air & Heat can keep your AC system in top working order.

Benefits of AC Tune-Ups 

  • Better Air Quality. Cleaning your AC removes dirt and debris that collects in the system. Over time, these particles enter your home through the duct system. 
  • Greater Energy Efficiency. Cleaning the coils and blades of the AC allows the system to provide cooler air with less effort. That means lower energy bills and cooler air.
  • Fewer Costly Service Calls and Repairs. Regular tune-ups enable technicians to make smaller, less costly adjustments and repairs, preventing bigger problems and expensive emergencies.
  • Extending the Life of Your System. Following a maintenance program can help your system work efficiently for a dozen years or more.
  • Maintaining Your Warranty. Depending on your system, the manufacturer may require annual tune-ups to preserve your warranty coverage. 

It’s Not Too Late to Start Regular Maintenance on Your AC!

No matter your air conditioning unit’s age, or how many years have passed since its last tune-up, there is no better time than now to have your unit evaluated. This is especially true if you are noticing problematic signs, such as weird noises, strange smells, leaks, or higher energy costs. Our highly trained technicians can provide your AC with a one-time maintenance service, or we can preschedule two visits a year to carefully inspect your system and perform any necessary maintenance to keep it in top condition. Our experienced techs are licensed and insured to repair systems made by Rheem, Lennox, Trane, and more.

Serving Dallas, Richardson, Plano, and the Greater Dallas Area

Our professionals at Classic Air & Heat can accurately diagnose any problems and offer an effective solution that has your best interest at heart. If the problem goes beyond repair and you need to replace your system, we also offer competitive financing to keep you in comfort. You can trust the family-owned and operated Classic Air & Heat to handle all your AC needs.

Contact Classic Air & Heat today by calling (972) 573-5335 or using our online contact form to better maintain your AC system!

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Our company makes it easy to afford brand new models of some of the industry's finest and most energy-efficient furnaces and air conditioners. Contact us today to learn more about our special financing program. 

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