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AC Maintenance for the Dallas, TX, Area

Air Conditioning Repair

Classic Air & Heat provides top quality air conditioning repair for Dallas County and the surrounding communities. During a hot Texas summer, when you're experiencing a problem with your air conditioner, you'll quickly be feeling the heat. It can be dangerous to be left without cool air for a lengthy period of time.

If your current system is in need of repair, our team of skilled technicians possess the knowledge and experience needed to perform effective repair service needed for your residential or commercial system. Our diagnostic test will find any issues contributing to your A/C troubles.
Air Conditioners — Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas, TX
Here are some signs to look out for with your air conditioning unit, to tell if there might be a problem:
Air Conditioner — Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas, TX
Some noise is normal when the A/C is operating. Squealing, hissing, clunking, or grinding noises coming from the unit are not normal. Call us at 214-330-5500 to have us solve the issue before more damage is done.
Central Air Conditioning  — Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas, TX
Poor Temp Control
If the A/C isn't keeping your spaces as comfortable as it once did, it has to work longer and harder to produce the same effect. If it isn't producing cool air at all, something is inhibiting system ... Read more
AC On House Backyard — Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas, TX
Excess Energy Use
If your energy bills are increasing, but your habits have stayed the same, your A/C may be the one to blame. Contact us, to have us out and diagnose and repair the issue.


Cold air can take a toll on your home. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort because of a problem with the heater. Call Classic Air & Heat, in Dallas, Texas, at 214-330-5500 and we'll get the heat back on in no time.

The best suggestion we can give you is to have a technician out to your home before the weather gets cold enough to need a heater. A technician from Classic Air & Heat will clean out the vents and ducts, while checking to ensure everything is in working condition. Once the weather gets cold enough and you turn on the machine, you won't smell those burning dust particles and everything will work properly. Call us at 214-330-5500 and get us out to inspect your system.
Heating Repair — AC Maintenance & Services Contracts in Dallas, TX
If you have a heating system currently or not, you may need some installation assistance. Classic Air & Heat will help you choose the most appropriate furnace based on needs and budget. As a note, ENERGY STAR systems may even be the best option as an efficient alternative to help you save money and get tax credits at the end of the year. Not only will we help you install it, but we'll ensure it works properly from day one. Also, if you have a system that is not functioning anymore, we'll remove and dispose of it properly, when we install your new system.

We also advise that you consider a service plan for heaters. Our technicians can come out twice a year to check on the system, catch problems before they develop into larger problems, and give you preferential treatment when you're in need of any repairs. When you call us at Classic Air & Heat we can find the best option for you.

Preventative Maintenance Program

To maximize efficiency and extend the life of your system, maintenance is a must. Classic Air & Heat will help protect your equipment with preventative maintenance. There are many benefits that are provided with our preventative maintenance services, such as:

Increased Efficiency and Performance

Normal use of your air conditioner can cause debris to build up, which reduces efficiency and performance. Normal wear and tear will also cause your system to use excess energy. Classic Air & Heat will clear essential system components of harmful debris and ensure components are protected against wear and tear during preventative maintenance.

Extended Service Life

Classic Air & Heat will ensure your system receives the necessary care to extend its life through regular service maintenance. Preventative maintenance will bring attention to problem areas so our technicians can correct the issue before they cause serious damage. During the maintenance, our skilled technicians inspect and service:
  • Thermostat
  • Filters
  • Electrical Connections
  • Refrigerant Charge
  • Moving Components
  • Condensate Drain
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Power Breaker
Don't overlook regular maintenance that will improve efficiency, which in turn will help reduce energy costs and extend the life of your air conditioning system. Contact Classic Air & Heat to schedule your maintenance today. Call us at 214-330-5500.